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Squad Update Track Attack Tournament Announcement


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8 May 2017
Armored squaddies rejoice, the time has come to prove your mettle!

A good tank crew is the backbone of a team and we’ve noticed that the armored crews out there have not had the opportunity to strut their stuff: enter the official Track Attack Tank Tournament.

Our newly formed tournament committee will be hosting an evening of knockout tank action for teams of 3 people to compete for vehicular bragging rights in true 1v1 tank action!

Taking to the field in intense and brutal 15-minute rounds, teams will fight for the top spot in a knockout-style tournament leading to a grand finale, all streamed for your enjoyment!

We’re hoping this small but high-octane event will be the perfect practice our team needs for our future event organization and management.

Sign-ups for this event will be open on Tuesday 27th August 12:00 UTC with spots limited to 8 teams — we want to give it a shakedown run before going any bigger.

From there we can look to put teams into their matchups and present the full tournament schedule.



  • “First come, first served” sign up basis.
  • 8 teams will participate.
  • 3 players per team.
  • The tournament will play out over one day with all rounds, including final, being decided on Saturday, August 31st, 2019.
  • The tournament will start at 13:00 UTC.

  • Each match will be played in turn. All matches will be streamed by Nordic + Guests at http://twitch.tv/JoinSquad
  • Teams are unable to choose map or side, they will be randomly distributed to participants just before the match.
  • A random location on the map will be picked, and one tank each will be spawned to participants.
  • A match ends when either one tank has been destroyed, or at the end of 15 minutes playtime. If time runs out, the most damaged tank will lose.
  • In case no damage has been done, the casters will decide the winner between who was more aggressive. Passive play is not rewarded!
  • If unable to decide a clear winner, a coin flip will be used.

  • Crew members are allowed to leave the vehicle, however, they are not allowed to use their small arms or knives.
  • Players are allowed to repair their vehicles.
  • Crew members are allowed to use smoke grenades in any way.
  • Crew members are allowed to move all over the map, but enemy tanks are allowed to kill the opponent crew members with any weapon on the tank.

  • Offworld will provide servers.
  • All participants must have at least one person from the team in the Offworld Tournament discord. Invite will be sent upon accepted attendance.
  • Teams are allowed to switch players between matches as long as they’re from the same organization/clan/team.
  • Rules and format may change at any time at the discretion of the tournament manager.

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