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Squad Update SQUAD V1.0 RELEASED!


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8 May 2017
Welcome, Squaddies,

Today marks a memorable day as we at Offworld Industries celebrate the release of Squad. It’s been a long journey through Early Access, but it wouldn’t have been possible without our dedicated community helping shape what Squad has become and where it will go.

Before we get to the good stuff, take the time to watch our Launch Trailer, showcasing just a slice of the Squad experience.

Alongside our 1.0 launch, we also bring to you a new faction, the Middle Eastern Alliance. A new battleground for you to utilize them on, in the form of Fallujah, and experience Squad how it was always intended to be played, in glorious 50v50 combat.

Take combat to the next level in Squad as you traverse vast environments with your unit. With an increased player count, expect danger around every corner and bolster your ranks to combat the opposition.


Take to the streets of Fallujah, the latest map to join Squad and one of our most dense city environments to date.


With a new map, it only seems right to bring in a new Faction to call it home. Welcome the Middle Eastern Alliance, your local combatants helping to clear out the Insurgents.

Server Player Population Increase

  • Increased the maximum player capacity of servers to 100 players (+1 slot for Reserve Slots).
Founders Steam Inventory Weapon Skins Return

  • Added support for Squad Kickstarter Founder’s to have access to their Founder’s weapon skins.
  • Added support for Squad Kickstarter Founder’s uniform patches.
  • Added support for Squad Kickstarter Company Clan Backer’s uniform unit patches.
  • Updated the Kickstarter Founders M4 Desert textures.
  • To view and enable your Founder’s Weapon Skins, Go to Settings Menu -> Steam Inventory to view your weapon skins and enable/disable them in the menu.
  • This menu will also allow you to enable and disable your Squad founder’s uniform patch.
  • If you encounter any technical issues with this feature, we ask that you contact us via the support button on joinsquad.com and then click ‘submit a request’ in the top right corner.
  • If you were part of the Company Clan Backer level, we will be contacting you or your Company Clan Leader within the next month with information about how to get your clan’s custom uniform unit patch up and running in Squad. All Company Clan Leader backers will initially have a “Squad Legion” Company Clan unit uniform patch to showcase that they were a Company Clan backer. After your Company Clan Leader has received and responded to our information request, you will be able to enable and disable your custom unit patch in the same In-Game Settings Menu -> Steam Inventory.
FOB Bleed-out System Visual Improvements

  • Added visual FX sparks to indicate that a FOB Radio is in bleed out state.
  • Added color coding to FOB health level bar. Blue – operational, Yellow – disabled due to health level, Red – Bleeding.
  • Added circular indicator around FOB status icon (top-left corner), that shows how long FOB is bleeding out already.
  • Updated FOB Radio so Soldiers can no longer dig enemy FOBs that are in bleed out state.
  • Synced FOB visual state with bleed out state. Now the FOB Radio will enter the last stage (Unbuilt) when it starts to bleed out, and will get back to the next stage (Half-built) only when it has been repaired out of bleed out state.
Fireteam Improvements

  • Fireteam Leaders can now place Fortifications. This is intended to allow this role to become more of a junior leadership role, allowing the Squad Leader to disseminate more tasks to their FTL’s, to take some pressure off of SL role while also allowing FTL to get familiar with leadership taskings.
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