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Unbanned Pr Ban Appeal

13 Aug 2018
User name: Aurorian

PR:BF2 Name: Aurorian

PR:BF2 CD-Hash: 240393461c7b4b2fb681b8275e7e76a9

Do you know the name of the admin who banned you?: Wolf47

What is the approximate date you were banned? 8 Jul 2020

What is the approximate time you were banned? 23:30 ish

What happened before/leading up-to your ban?: i was a passenger in a jeep that some random no mic stole from some squad then their sl claimed i stole it and i was immediately banned afterwards even though i said in chat that i wasn't the one driving

Was there anything else happening in the server at the time, or earlier?:

What has changed since the day you got banned?:

What was your mistake?:

Are you positive to follow and respect all SSG rules in the future?
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