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Denied Pr Ban Appeal

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27 May 2017
User name: Danielj15

PR:BF2 Name: Danielj15_

PR:BF2 CD-Hash: 3ebc71b7e8d74b2dacbeabf3a532a7e4

Do you know the name of the admin who banned you?: sausp

What is the approximate date you were banned? 22 Jun 2020

What is the approximate time you were banned? 2:16am aussie time

What happened before/leading up-to your ban?: i was in tank sq on kashan a guy joined we said he can take tank he didn't come back to main when tanks spawned so i kicked him he then joined back after dying and spawned on the bunker with a lat kit i then kick him again he joins back i kick him from squad again after he says "fuck off" i then report him he reported me saying i am false reporting nothing happens i then load into next map to get banned from trolling/false reporting

Was there anything else happening in the server at the time, or earlier?: not really my friends were being silly and one of them got banned but thats not my fault

What has changed since the day you got banned?: nothing

What was your mistake?: nothing i was playing good the whole day i tked 1 guy by accident i was not trolling or anything

Are you positive to follow and respect all SSG rules in the future? Yes
Not open for further replies.
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