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Denied Member Application

9 Jun 2020
PR:BF2 Name
User name: Orion H.

What is your Game name?: Orion H.

What is your PR:BF2 CD-Hash key?: N/A

What is your age?: 19

Where are you from?: Alabama, United States

Tell us something about yourself: I am currently attending college to achieve my bachelor's in Cyber security, while I have also achieved my A+ and security+ certifications and am currently working as an Analyst. I have also been working at a local clinic in assistance during this current virus outbreak. I am 19 and have a great passion for video games primarily Milsim and Roleplay.

What is your opinion about SSG?: As of yet, I do not have an opinion on SSG

How long have you been playing Project Reality for?: 0

If accepted, are you willing to be active on the Server, Forums, and Discord?: Yes

Did you read and understand all of (SSG) rules? Yes

Are you banned on any other Project Reality server?: Yes

Are you banned on Project Reality forums?: N/A

How much have you played on SSG server?: N/A

If accepted, are you willing to actively seed our server?: Yes

Why do you wish to become member? I am wishing to become a member to join on squad related activities. I have roughly 300 hours on the game and have been in a previous community however due to certain problems with said community I left and am now looking for a new one. Which led me here.

What is your Discord ID?: Juxette#1337


Best Seeder
Second Lieutenant (2LT)
10 Feb 2019
PR:BF2 Name
Hi @Orion H.

Join us on the (server/discord) and spend some time with us to get to know you better. I will reject this application at the moment so we can get to know you and see your behaviors with other players then you can send the request again
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