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Realitymod.com Gameplay v1.6.1 - Gameplay changes


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8 May 2017

With the upcoming PR:BF2 1.6.1 update we not only bring a lot of additional bug fixes for the recent v1.6 launch, but also included a couple of bigger gameplay changes. This highlight will give you more perspective and details about these upcoming changes.

Changes to stamina
When getting revived you usually get the black & white bleed effect to disable instant sprinting away. This effect could be avoided by putting a field dressing on the body before reviving. In order to prevent just revived soldier from sprinting away, you will now get revived with 0% stamina.

In addition to the above changes we also reduce the available stamina while bleeding. If you go below 60% HP the time you will be able to sprint will be proportional to your current HP. Once you reach 10% HP and go into the black&white effect, your current stamina will be set to 0% just like after a revive. The time to refill your stamina always stays the same. With this wounded soldiers will be unable to travel as fast as healthy ones.

Some numbers:
  • Normal sprint time: 30s
  • Normal refill time: 30s
  • 50% HP sprint time: ~25s
  • 50% HP refill time: 30s

Time to deplete stamina / Current HP

Changes to UAV
Currently the commander gets to stare at a black screen until the UAV finally arrives at its location. With this all the information it could have gathered while traveling gets lost. With v1.6.1 the camera will stay active while traveling and the commander can already spot enemies. The black screen will only be visible during starting/landing and refueling. In addition to that the current UAV position will be shown on the map, if the commander is currently in it. With these changes the UAV can patrol around the map better to gather intelligence. We are also planning for a future update to make the UAV slightly audible to ground forces in order to make them aware of the all seeing eye. This feature sadly had to be postponed as it caused a few issues related to soundbugs.

Changes to vehicle disabling
After a discussion in the team, we decided to prevent vehicles from getting disabled as long as they are above 65% HP. This way the first shot to tank front armor can no longer disable the turret. We all are not completely happy with the current system and are looking into ways to improve it. This change is just meant to patch the biggest holes in the system and more improvements will come in the future to further refine the vehicle disabling system.

Changes to ATGM damage
Along with the vehicle disable discussion we also talked about ATGM vs tank damage within the team. As ATGMs would lose their threat to tanks completely, we decided to increase their damage vs tank frontal armor quite a bit. The damage against side/rear armor as well as damage vs other vehicles stays unchanged.

Some example numbers:
  • Tow: ~25% -> ~35%
  • NLAW/Eryx: ~20% -> ~28%

That was it for this highlight, enjoy the upcoming v1.6.1 update and let us know your feedback on these changes.

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10 Feb 2019
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Really those guys working hard. Thanks for everyone still supporting this game
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