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Squad Update Alpha 10.2

Discussion in 'News' started by SSG Bot, 20 May 2018.

  1. SSG Bot

    Staff Member Moderator

    8 May 2017
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    Hey Squaddies,
    While work on Alpha 11 is progressing at full speed, we pulled over a few of the changes that should help improve the experience along the way.
    Patch Notes​

    • Changed the process of a kit becoming unavailable due to squad size falling below the player limit. Now your claim on the kit you had previously remains until you select a different one. Prevents other players from reserving kits by leaving and re-entering squads.
    • Fixed FOB respawn timer not increasing with enemies nearby.
    • Fixed player rotation getting permanently offset when standing on a vehicle that's rotating.
    • Fixed bad zeroing on M4 with red dot sight.
    • Fixed an exploit on logistics vehicles allowing the total load capacity to be exceeded.
    • Reduced stamina cost of jumping/climbing/vaulting.
    • Adjusted calculation for name tag fadeout to make it work better when aiming below the name tag.
    • Changed vehicle seat info text scale back to previous size.
    • Fixed main base repair stations not working on Sumari AASv1 and AASv2.
    • Revived a fix to the prone player capsule that got lost in merges.
    • Disabled replication of unequipped weapons.
    • Enabled Anim update rate optimizations on equipables.
    • Simplified bounds calculation on equipables.
    • Set Anim update rate optimizations to more aggressive values on the Soldiers.

    A huge thank you to everyone that participated in the recent tests and offered up their feedback. Your dedication keeps us going!

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