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The Civilian

Discussion in 'Knowledge Base' started by Ducky21, 3 Oct 2017.

  1. Ducky21

    PR Senior Admin (SSG) Senior Member [SSG-DEV] Captain (CPT)

    27 Aug 2017
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    When playing on the Iraqi insurgent or Hamas faction, players can choose to play as the Civilian. This role’s primary focus is to gather intelligence on Coalition forces and to run interference for the insurgent Cell Leaders. This kit does not come equipped with any weapons but has a wide variety of equipment and tools. Civilians can use their cellphones to spot enemy troops for their team by placing a marker on the map. If a Civilian is killed, it takes 2 minute to respawn if they are arrested. This is the penalty if a civilian is captured and the Coalition forces gain intelligence in order to discover a weapons cache.
    The opposing force can arrest civilians as well as other insurgents with therestrainer or the Shotgun with a buckshot round. Civilians that decide to commit suicide are counted as an arrested and subsequently reward the coalition team with Intelligence Points, after which it can take about 60-75 seconds to respawn.
    The Iraqi Insurgent gets a shovel and binoculars while the Hamas only gets a cellphone as equipment.

    To get a civilian kit one must drop their current kit (G) and wait 2 minutes. Civilians, unarmed Insurgents and Hamas fighters are bound by particular rules of engagement (ROE). If a civilian does any of the following listed below, he will be considered a combatant for 2 minute afterwards and may be shot without penalty:
     Pick up a kit with a weapon or use a vehicle
     Perform a resuscitation or administer an epinephrine shot

    A civilian will also be punished if he dies within 5m horizontally and 1.5m vertically of armed insurgents. If you shoot a civilian, you will face several penalties:  After your next death you will respawn 120 seconds later per civilian shot (stacks up to 5 minutes additional delay)
     You will not be able to request any kits for 10 minutes
     Your score is reduced to 0 and the kill will not be listed on the scoreboard
     Your team loses 10 intelligence points Running over civilians in a vehicle or killing them while climbing ladders or ropes will also result in a penalty if done outside of the ROE
  2. Crenshaw

    Retired PR Admin

    29 Aug 2017
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    Would like to note: Unless it was changed recently you can arrest civilians with solid slug shots from a shotgun as well. I've done it several times when the option was available.
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