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Project Reality Admin For [ Hardcore | Fighters] Server

Discussion in 'Applications Forms' started by Firestorm57, 27 Mar 2020 at 00:13.

  1. Firestorm57

    22 Mar 2020
    Likes Received:
    PR:BF2 Name: Firestorm57

    PR:BF2 CD-Hash: f3fe9f30dca223d804daf70c212df78e

    Age: 17

    Country: Scotland (UK)

    Timezone: GMT

    Tell us something about yourself: Oh ummm....
    How about my hobbies...
    Apart from gaming (I like RTS games like Homeworld and strategic team based games like PR, WOT, WOWS. I also like games like Rimworld and FTL. In terms of IRL games my favourite board game is RISK.)
    I like to read a lot, I occasionally draw and make airfix models and in addition do this I occasionally go shooting. I own my own shotgun, assigned to my own shotgun certificate.

    How did you find us?: KillroyIsHere told me you needed admins

    What is your opinion about the state of the server?: I have not seen a single hacker on it thus far, every time I have played on it it is always chock full of players, so I'd say it is doing pretty damn well.

    Why do you wish to be an admin?: I enjoy playing PR and I want to help keep the playerbase alive by helping keep trolls and hackers at bay.

    What do you think you could contribute as an admin?: I have had past experiences when I have been frustrated at how slow it took an admin to react to reports and so it would be important to me to respond quickly.

    How long have you been playing Project Reality? almost 2 years

    Are you banned on any other Project Reality server?: Veterans gaming Co-Op

    How much have you played on our server?: Not sure

    Any previous admin experience?: Not on PR, but I am an admin on a quite large Discord

    Estimate how much time you can dedicate to administration on a weekly basis: 2-4 hours, I don't play PR all that much

    If accepted, are you willing to be active on the server, forums, and Teamspeak?: No

    If accepted, are you willing to actively seed our server?: Yes

    Did you read and understand all of our rules? Yes

    I understand that if my application is accepted, I will be enter a 4 week trial period, In which I may be removed at any time: Yes