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Unbanned Pr Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Ban Appeal' started by Cdbs841, 30 Oct 2019.

  1. Cdbs841

    Cdbs841 Guest

    PR:BF2 Name: Cdbs

    PR:BF2 CD-Hash: 6532b43c94bb85364d54d0a28a47b49c

    Do you know the name of the admin who banned you?: No

    What is the approximate date you were banned? 21/10/2019

    What is the approximate time you were banned? 4:00 PM

    What happened before/leading up-to your ban?: It was my second or third game. It was towards the end of the match after two or three of our team's squads were wiped out. Another squad started a fistfight with our squad.

    Was there anything else happening in the server at the time, or earlier?: No.

    What has changed since the day you got banned? I have realised that TKing is taken seriously on the server.

    What was your mistake? During the fist fight I lobbed a grenade. Which killed several team players.

    Are you positive to follow and respect all SSG rules in the future? Yes
  2. SGT.Syuqri

    Moderator Best Seeder PR Admin Donator

    22 Jun 2018
    Likes Received:
    You are unban for now , please follow server rules @RaNa-Rocxs
  3. RaNa-Rocxs

    Administrator Colonel (COL) Seeder Donator

    9 May 2017
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    PR:BF2 Name: