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Denied Pr Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Ban Appeal' started by GLORYWINGS, 26 Oct 2019.

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    19 May 2017
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    PR:BF2 CD-Hash: 8ba9406d26d708223e1095afd7519cb3

    Do you know the name of the admin who banned you?: Ata

    What is the approximate date you were banned? 20 Oct 2019

    What is the approximate time you were banned? 5 pm

    What happened before/leading up-to your ban?: there is a fucked up situation here, you sayin that I ban evaded after the first ban?
    check your self again because I don't know how to ban evade and if I know I wouldn't do that for the sake of POV and this game...
    and don't throw some shit on me Rana about ''superpower''
    because you know me well.
    plus I asked for proof that leads me to get banned,
    2 fake reports don't count as strong proof, and why would I get kicked by racism and comeback with more? maybe these Russian guys who want me out of the server for taking assets that round? and called them noobs out.
    this is not a professional way to admin the server guys cmon. that's not fair

    Was there anything else happening in the server at the time, or earlier?: yes, I thought all of that because I was throwing jokes to my Arab friends. and I thought that atta was mad about that but it ends up in a very bad way

    What has changed since the day you got banned? I know that misbehaving could lead to all the suspicious but still reconsider the situation please and inspect it more if you see racism in the whole thing I don't want to join your server ever again...

    What was your mistake? misbehaving

    Are you positive to follow and respect all SSG rules in the future? Yes
  2. SGT.Syuqri

    Moderator Best Seeder PR Admin Donator

    22 Jun 2018
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    Your ban will stay , nothing more.
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