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Processing Report Player/admin

Discussion in 'Report Player/Admin' started by Rene Bitujinac, 14 Aug 2019.

  1. Rene Bitujinac

    14 Aug 2019
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    Your PR:BF2 Name: Rene.Bitujinac


    Are you reporting a Player or an Admin?: Player,

    Player being reported: SAS cpt. Turk and another guy also having written Turk in his name

    Date of incident?: Today

    Time: 17:05

    Players involved: SAS cpt. Turk and Turk kiresy (or something like that)

    What happened?: These two guys doing massive teamkills in the main. Last time when I was on the server cpt. Turk also made massive teamkills so bunch of other players were angry at him. The map in question was Bamyan (and before that it was Route E 106).

    Evidence: There should be some kind of record of teamkills I guess.

    Which rules were broken?: Obviously teamkills.

    Additional info: I kindly ask you to ban these guys.
  2. RaNa-Rocxs

    Administrator Colonel (COL) Squad Admin Donator

    9 May 2017
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    Hello dear @rene thanks for your report it is happen in Cooperative server?