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Golden Pilot

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by [CRC] FORCE, 11 Aug 2019.

  1. [CRC] FORCE

    21 Sep 2018
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    Golden Pilot is already quite known outside of SSG to rather not have in your Squad, especially not in CAS Squad, but about that another time.

    Seemingly being called a Idiot when you aren't banning but killing someone who steals, solo drives a APC to then waste it by jumping out and stranding it on purpose in the middle of no where for the enemy (trolling/sabotaging the team) (Happened twice now in the same round of Fallujah, is his reasoning to kick me out.

    So in this Theory, I can supposedly steal a APC, solo it, leave it somewhere in the middle of nowhere to sabotage my own team, and get away it by only being Admin Killed, but OH BOY you dare call the glorious Golden Pilot a Idiot, let alone for that because then you will get a more severe punishment lol.

    Not a big deal to me as I don't expect the likes of Rana and Co to get the point of this anyway and do something about it, but just saying it so I have *said it* at the very least.
  2. Golden_Pilot

    Golden_Pilot For a good pilot, any weather is acceptable
    Best Seeder PR Admin Second Lieutenant (2LT)

    10 Feb 2019
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    PR:BF2 Name:
    No comment for you...
    Senior admins please have a look on the chat log.
  3. TheBeanie

    Moderator PR Senior Admin (SSG) Senior Member

    20 Aug 2017
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    If you have an issue with any member of SSG or admin team then please report it to a senior admin to take a look at. be factual and straight to the point without all the added stuff like "so in theory i can do this".

    Tell us what you are complaining / giving feedback about instead of a long winded story would be better. cause you're right i dont get what your point is. I will get the login info for the chat logs and check them when i have some time.
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