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Squad Update Alpha 14.1 Released

Discussion in 'News' started by SSG Bot, 10 Jul 2019.

  1. SSG Bot

    Staff Member Moderator

    8 May 2017
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    Hey squaddies!

    We’ve got a quick update to bring mods back to life! We’re throwing in some fixes too.



    • Added the ability to download required modifications from Steam while joining a server.
    • Added Mod details from Steam Workshop for the server-loaded mods

    • Added Wrench icon for modded servers (grey for no mods, white for modded)
    • Added Mod names on the server details panel on the right side of the server browser
    • Added list of missing mods when trying to join a server
    • Added button to Exit or Download the missing mod
    • Added progress text for the download status
    • Added loading status in case it fails or is successful
    • Added button for canceling in-progress mod download

    Additional UI improvements for modding will be coming with Alpha 15.


    • Fools Road TC_V1: Fixed RU Staging phase
    • Gorodok RAAS_v4: Fixed washed out minimap
    • Kohat Invasion_v1: Fixed INS resupply not giving supplies
    • Skorpo AAS_v1: Added Protection zone for RU & US
    • Skorpo Invasion_v1: Fixed Urals for Militia, fixed Map Camera Location
    • Skorpo RAAS_v2: Fixed a bug which was causing the russian main to break
    • Skorpo Skirmish_v1: Fixed leaning in Uskedalen Apartments cap
    • Skorpo TC_v2: Fixed US main not giving supplies

    Mods! MODS! Get out there and start downloading, soldier!

    (P.S.: This doesn’t count as the monthly patch before you ask. ;))


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