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Why Hog And Prta Are More Successful Than Ssg

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by granderslice, 29 Jun 2019.

  1. granderslice

    17 Jul 2018
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    I just finished a frustrating and exhausting round of Karbala on SSG. Every 5 minuted another POL was camping the INS main, shooting into main, and surrounding our one and only exit. I (!r) reported the matter several times and waited. It must have been 15-20 minutes before a mass of warnings went to the POL team. But still they were breaking rules. Then another mass warning was sent to POL team to back away from INS main. Still, the POL team was camping our main and exit. I even spawned as a civi to see who was shooting into INS main and, of course, I was killed (martyred). I reported the player for (-100 and at bottom of other team list) killing me in main and nothing, no response. Meanwhile, players were spamming all chat, trolling in all chat, taunting in all chat, and making a general mess of the game. I reported players who were all chat spamming. Then the admin WARNED ME for spamming !r function. I love this game (PR) and have been playing it since its inception (2006), but the admins on SSG are garbage for these reasons:
    1) Warn players 3-4 times for the same misbehavior but the behavior doesn't change. On any other server 1 warning (maybe) and the player is removed. It is the player's responsibility to understand and know the rules.
    2) With so many new players, I understand the need to warn. But if the misbehavior remains, the player must be removed (kicked or banned) as it effects the gameplay and determines what team is going to win. Besides, it is no fun.
    3) If the misbehavior effects the admins, then rules are enforced. Otherwise, SSG admins don't care. For example, player named "cockandballs" would find friendly Pressure Plate mines and create a force TK using the mines. Many reports were sent regarding this behavior. Not until Ata was killed did he actually kick the player. Alas, the player returned and continued the behavior with no further consequence. (sigh)
    4) SSG admins take an "I can't be bothered by reports" attitude towards administrating the game and the players. Fishbad, Ata, Viper-3 were all there to witness the reports, but only when Ata was effected by another player's misbehavior, only then did he take action. If you don't want to be an admin, don't do it then, otherwise DO YOUR FUCKING JOB!
    5) On SSG, as a player, I can always count on the following to happen: Ghosting, Main Camping/Killing, Trolling in all chat, insulting other players both in all chat and team chat, admins not caring or indifferent, stealing of assets, squad leaders without a microphone, trolling in gameplay, griefing and asshatting in main, shooting at friendlies in main, shooting at friendlies outside of main, intentional TKs, force TKs, running over friendlies with vehicles, pushing players off of buildings, shooting from main, and most off all . . . never playing the objective.
    I know I will probably get banned for this, but I give up on trying to keep gameplay fair and balanced in PR on SSG servers, as this will never happen. It's too bad, though, because PR is such a great game, just NOT on SSG servers.
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  2. GamerMoeed

    Moderator PR Senior Admin (SSG) Senior Member Major (MAJ)

    8 May 2017
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    I'm sorry about your recent experience in the SSG server. Firstly we'll have to confirm with the in-game admins with what was happening. For this we need a little more details so we can pull out the demo(mostly date and time). Secondly, and I say this sadly that many of our senior admins have been quite busy for some time now. These admins as you might remember had put SSG on one of the top spots on PR for some time. Our server was renowned for its tough rules; even more so than HOG, but unlike HOG we always received appreciation for being fair.

    Due to many reasons the senior admin team had to go through a big change. Most of these involves toxic and sometimes literal attacks on our servers in the year 2018 and prior. However we are working on gathering the old team back to get involved in daily running of the server. You can rest assured that by two weeks time from now we will again the most seeded server in PR again. We'll filter out our admins and members. I personally left PR due to the community drama and lack of support from developers to our servers, despite the fact that we ran our servers alot better and smoother than HOG and PRTA. I am working to return as soon as possible and with the help and instructions from @RaNa-Rocxs we will smooth out the rough edges of the servers once again.

    In due course I imply you to report any admins/players that are associated with any kind of misconduct.

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  3. Ata<<<<<

    PR Senior Admin (SSG) Senior Member PR Admin

    30 Mar 2018
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    (SSG) Ata<<<<<
    Your Steam ID:
    Hello @granderslice I will try keep my reply short and simple.
    As you mentioned some of the reasons why SSG admins are garbage.
    1) As we know we have very few players left to play the game Banning and kicking everyone for small mistakes is not something a responsible admin would do giving them 1 or 2 warnings and then kicking them instead is better it will give them a clear message play fair or you will be removed.
    2) No need to answer this it is answered above already.
    3) As we know Teamkills from pressure plates are very common unmarked mines Etc that's very common thing to happen but on one occasion there was a player who teamkilled us on cache intentionally with Mortar IED in response I kicked him and I went afk after that I don't know what happened after that.
    4) Mate first of all we don't have any admin Called ''Viper'' kindly check your facts before making a report. Secondly I checked every report I could imagine managing 50 players on each side alone while other admins are busy in this case @fishbad was doing mortar And @Golden_Pilot was doing Cas. I was the only one checking reports at that moment.
    5) I don't think so Ghosting cheating and all other things you mentioned above are strictly not allowed and anyone caught doing them will be banned.
    Now I understand that you made this report for a reason I explained everything above that I could. 1 admin cannot manage whole server afterall he is a human he was a life too as @GamerMoeed said we had a great team of professional admins but they left because of internal problems and to solve this issue we are trying to bring them back.
    However I Am happy to see that someone is trying to help us to improve our server's performance we will do our best to solve the problems and misbehaviors that exist.
    Thanks for your feedback Have a nice day.
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