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Denied Report Player/admin

Discussion in 'Report Player/Admin' started by Szdavid, 7 Jan 2019.

  1. Szdavid

    28 Apr 2018
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    Your PR:BF2 Name: Just_Dave

    Age: 25

    Are you reporting a Player or an Admin?: Player,

    Player being reported: HOLLYWOOD

    Date of incident?: Today

    Time: 0:30

    Players involved: no1 else i think

    What happened?: map: black gold
    i was in russian team in hind, and hollywood killed the hind in dod with jet, hind died in M3 at runway very low which is against rule nr 7. admin thebeanie did nothing to him, but when i did the same earlier, i have been banned for 2 weeks from the server, how is this fair? really.

    Evidence: eyewitnesses, JK47 who was on to take off with jet from runway, and i died next to him. the admins too.

    Which rules were broken?: nr 7,

    Additional info: do something, because no1 is allowed to brake rules for only a warning, or i can just camp their mainbase with aa, but of course if i do that ill get ban
  2. TheBeanie

    Moderator PR Senior Admin (SSG) Senior Member

    20 Aug 2017
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    Report came in saying jet killed hind in DOD.

    Found out it was the J10 (Hollywood) and Hollywood stated he was chasing the hind from M13. admitted he did it = warning given and no further action needed.

    Dave then decides to have a hissy fit on the server for the next 10 minutes.

    And dave. No i didnt witness it. I saw the warning afterwards.

    PS: Theres a difference between locking in a jet and camping their main in AA. so yes. you would get banned. but if you want to do that then do it and see what happens.