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New Profile Posts

  1. EliteGodz
    Greetings, i'm a new member both on this community and PR, looking for someone to play with. (Currently joining the deployment server)
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    For president, country,religion,and cup cakes
    =SOG=BROKEN_ARROW Ataur Rehman
    I'm not emati* I'm Yemeni I live in UAE *joy*
    =SOG=BROKEN_ARROW Ataur Rehman
    Ghabi wallah (;
    1. Ataur Rehman
      Ataur Rehman
      Anta gabi al jadeed
      2 Oct 2018
    1. Ataur Rehman
      Ataur Rehman
      Hello Emrati
      2 Oct 2018
  6. Aram021
    click on his name and Start a Conversation
  7. Aram021
  8. driss121
    driss121 Narkus
    i have replied to your message in the ban appeal
  9. Zero0o Blackburn...
    Zero0o Blackburn...
    The DANG3R F1GHT3R
  10. Waqar Anwar
    Waqar Anwar GamerMoeed
    Love how you handle situations bro... Respect
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    2. GamerMoeed
      Haha! Thanks :)
      24 Jul 2018
  11. simox
  12. =HOG=RayRay2014
    hey guys
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    2. RaNa-xXx
      17 Jul 2018
    3. TheBeanie
      Eyy, Rayray how you doing man?
      20 Jul 2018
  13. SyrianAdmiral
    The war is our game!
  14. RaNa-xXx
    RaNa-xXx koube83
    welcome back mate !!! but Germany won :D
  15. Picassso
    Funny Week :D >D :D
  16. Picassso
    Last Night was amazing , and that feeling when you are only admin on server xD have to make all by self on 80 players :D amazing night
  17. Picassso
    ngdude Happy Birthday , much luck and money and happines
  18. BluePlague
    BluePlague ngdude
    Happy birthday dude
  19. RaNa-xXx
    RaNa-xXx ngdude
    Happy Birthday mate
  20. RaNa-xXx
    RaNa-xXx BluePlague
    Happy Birthday mate
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    2. BluePlague
      Thank you very much buddy,didn't notice the notification
      9 Jun 2018