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New Profile Posts

  1. Ata<<<<<
    Ata<<<<< Aram021
    ain anta Ayo al jondi
  2. simox
    Love you all ssg 1 by 1
  3. Ata<<<<<
    Ata<<<<< Bazookaro
    So bazookaro where are Rana's chickens?
    1. Bazookaro
      I am eating em
      Want some?
      13 Apr 2019
    2. Ata<<<<<
      You are so cruel Bazookaro
      13 Apr 2019
  4. Scorpion1025
    Money attract Everything & Everyone
  5. Ata<<<<<
    Ata<<<<< PuroNosoKegawa
    Your admin application is processing for SSG's co op server.
  6. Rotblut
    Rotblut Djoka
    Bienvenue à SSG. Amusez-vous dans le forum et sur nos serveurs.Jouer dur mais juste.
  7. Karolyyys4
    I'm not gonna be online much now,due to studying.
  8. Gustavo Detomi
    Gustavo Detomi
    My name is Gustavo Detomi. Im from Brazil so my first language is Portuguese. But i know english too.
  9. Mou
    Mou Pvt.Alleen
    Hey Alleeen welcome to the server u and cami anytime u like ! :D
    1. Pvt.Alleen likes this.
    2. Pvt.Alleen
      Hii Mouuu :D !!!
      Ty u dude ! I'm invited by Taylor , she told me u are here :D
      22 Dec 2018
  10. Rotblut
    If I find good players, Squad is a really good game.
  11. Rotblut
    Rotblut Double_13
    You're still active?? :P
  12. PuroNosoKegawa
    why is the picture size so small...
    1. Ata<<<<< likes this.
  13. EliteGodz
    Greetings, i'm a new member both on this community and PR, looking for someone to play with. (Currently joining the deployment server)
    1. RaNa-Rocxs likes this.
    2. RaNa-Rocxs
      Welcome mate
      19 Oct 2018
    For president, country,religion,and cup cakes
  15. Aram021
    click on his name and Start a Conversation
  16. Aram021
  17. driss121
    driss121 Narkus
    i have replied to your message in the ban appeal
  18. Zero0o Blackburn...
    Zero0o Blackburn...
    The DANG3R F1GHT3R
  19. Waqar Anwar
    Waqar Anwar GamerMoeed
    Love how you handle situations bro... Respect
    1. GamerMoeed likes this.
    2. GamerMoeed
      Haha! Thanks :)
      24 Jul 2018
  20. simox