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Hey squaddies!

The time has come! We’re proud to announce the very first Alpha 13 Public Test. Now, since this is a fairly complex patch, there are a few things you should know before the download completes and you visit the Custom Server tab.

First, there will be bugs, including known crashes. This is the first public testing build. We need you to make sure you use the crash reporter to send us logs. (Press “Send and Close” when it appears.)

Secondly, the test may end at any time depending on how things go. This is also the reason there are no community servers. If all goes well, we’ll expand testing to include more servers.

Thirdly, your feedback is crucial. Please share your thoughts in Discord, on the forums, on reddit, or anywhere you can get it to us!

Fourthly, the patch isn’t done. This is a work in progress that will continue to be optimized and change, especially with your help.

Those are the major points, folks — if you can handle those, it’s time to get your A13 on. If you need a little more detail, we’ve included some patch notes below.


1. Open up your Steam client
2. Click on LIBRARY -> Games
3. Type ‘Squad’ in the search bar.
4. Click on Squad – Public Testing and then on ‘Install’
5. After the installation is complete launch the game

Simply navigate to the Custom Servers tab after that to find a server!

Note: You may need to clear your cache if you’ve had a previous test installed.


  • This is our first public test of A-13.
  • Games will be hosted on our servers in the Custom Servers tab, no community servers (yet).
  • We’ll run this test for a limited period of time, and may shut it down abruptly if it’s not providing value.
  • The purpose of this public test is to receive early feedback from you on the gameplay in A-13. As we approach releasing A-13 this feedback is valuable in reducing the delay between public testing and release.
  • We are by no means done with optimization for A-13, but we feel the game is reasonably playable at the moment, enough to get a satisfying play session with minimal hindrances, and to experience the spirit of A-13’s changes in a meaningful way.
  • There’s a known crash during map change. We’re tracking this and additional crash reports will help us nail it. If you get the crash reporter dialog, please choose “Send and Close.”
  • VOIP issues occur when the player talking Txing is in an emplacement or vehicle, causing distortion of voice. In our internal testing we found this issue wasn’t a huge problem in general play. It’ll be fixed in 3 weeks(™).
  • Please join in, have fun, get an early look at what A-13 will deliver on. Then share your experiences with each other and with us, give us (constructive!) feedback, so we can make smart decisions on what remains to be done before we ship this mother.
  • A more in-depth list of the changes made in A-13, and the context behind them, is coming next week from Design Squad.

A full list of gameplay changes is available here. A little light reading for your download.

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Realitymod.com Vehicle Flying Kitties!

(Click to Enlarge)

Hey Guys! As part of my grand "Type 21 Frigate" project for PR:Falklands, I needed to make the correct version of the Lynx (the HAS.2) to operate from its flight deck, based off of PR's existing Lynx AH.7 model. This, inevitably, lead to a total update and optimization of the original Lynx AH.7 and in turn the creation of the modern Lynx AH.9A variant of the Lynx.

British Army Air Corps Lynx AH.7

(Click To Enlarge)

PR players should all be very well acquainted with the Lynx AH.7 (Army Helicopter Mark 7) since it has been ingame as the British Army's Light Utility Helicopter since v0.85 (2009), but since then I have optimized and improved somewhat and they where actually quietly implemented into v1.5 last year, just other than the changelog it wasn't mentioned as the other versions of the Lynx where not finished enough for me to make this post.
Most of these changes are invisible or hard to notice but most of the changes have either decreased the overall load on the client's system to draw and load, while some have just made the vehicle look better with little or no extra load on the client's system. One of the most notable changes are the main texture resolution which have been increased from 1024x1024 to 2048x2048 (four times the texture size/detail) while only slightly increasing the overall memory usage from before with moving all the transparent parts off the main sheet and onto their own unique small sheet with only transparent parts on it.
New optimized & higher quality "Rotor Blur" textures were also made since the old rotor blurs used the main rotor's rotor blur for the tail rotor, missing the tail rotor's iconic red and white stripes from the blur.
There are a whole range of other small improvements and optimizations made but most of them I can't remember and are too small to be worth noting but the bottom line is that the Lynx does not only have a smaller impact on your hardware but also looks better than it did before v1.5, and all these optimizations have of course been passed on to the other mew versions below!

While the Lynx AH.7 was retired from service in 2015 it will still be...