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World of Warships [premium Shop] Gascogne

Meet a new premium battleship in World of Warships - Gascogne, one of the most unusual representatives of her type at Tier VIII.
What's her secret? Powerful French guns arranged in an unusual layout, multilayer steel armor, a unique consumable for a battleship, and of course, the spirit of a true musketeer.
Don't miss out on Gascogne and other special offers in our premium shop: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/roughly-the-size-of-a-barge/.


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World of Warships Dev Diaries

Here's a new video from the World of Warships team.
Subtitles can be enabled in the video player separately.
Enjoy watching!

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World of Warships Update 0.7.2

A new Update is now live! Take a look at the highlights to learn more about what's new. Check the game's official website for a full list of changes. https://worldofwarships.com/news/common/update-072/

French Battleships

A new branch of French Battleships is finally coming to World of Warships! You can learn more about them here.


Operation "Hermes"

In the new Operation, you will need to escort French ships laden with gold to American shores. You will encounter numerous German patrol boats that will stop at nothing to take the gold from you.
To plunge you deeper into the atmosphere of the event, only certain ships can participate in Operation "Hermes". To be eligible, you need any of the Tier VII cruisers of the Allied nations (U.K., U.S.A., and France) or French Tier VII-VIII battleships.


"The Gold of France" Campaign

Update 0.7.2 ushers in a new campaign called "The Gold of France". This is a limited-duration campaign that will only be available until the release of Update 0.7.3.

The missions of the campaign will be subject to certain theme-specific restrictions:

  • First Task: The first task of each mission can be attempted with any ship of Tier V and above in Random Battles
  • Second Task: Requires a French ship of Tier VI and above
  • Third Task: Available only for French destroyer Aigle
  • Fourth Task: You’ll need a French battleship of Tier VIII or above


World of Warships is a free-to-win game where all gameplay features are available for free. However, there's a special shop for those interested in unique items and maximum gameplay comfort. Maybe you'll find something worthy there? Let's check it out!

Where can I find the shop?

It's super easy: click on the "Premium shop" button in the upper left of the Port or locate it in the account menu.


What's in the shop?


Premium Account

Save your time, unlock new ships faster, and get bonuses:
  • 50% more experience points from each battle
  • 50% more credits from each battle
  • A Premium Port
You can choose different amounts of time, from 1 day of Premium time to a whole year.


Premium Ships

Ships rule this game! Most of them are available for free, but if you happen to be a true collector, don't miss out on the unique Premium ships. They introduce new gameplay features and expand your gaming capabilities:
  • You don't have to research them
  • More credits from each battle as compared to other ships of the same tier
  • Convert Combat Experience to Free Experience right from the first battle
  • Assign commanders from other ships of the same nation without penalty or retraining


Doubloons are an in-game currency that is used...
Realitymod.com Pr:bf2 V1.5.3.0 Changelog
This patch includes some more fixes for the recent v1.5 release as well some other balances and tweaks. We also have some exciting news in the mapping department! Sahel has left the BETA program and is now a fully completed level. We also introduce with v1.5.3 the reworked Iron Ridge featuring the Polish Forces. This map didn't make the v1.5 release but is now ready to be played. Further have we implemented the amazing HD fonts by community modder TBob. Read all the details below.

We would also like to mention that we are aware of a decrease in performance for many users. We don't know at this time the exact reason(s) for this but we are investigating it further. If you want to help with this and other testing, join the testing team!

v1.5.3.0 is available now for servers and clients!

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

PR:BF2 v1.5.3.0 Changelog (2018/February/24)
  • Added HD Fonts by TBob.
  • Fixed missing destroy icon for commander commo-rose.
  • Fixed issue causing Polish COOP maps to crash.
  • Fixed shading issues on kit geometries.
  • Fixed being unable to exit ACV on some maps.

  • Fixed...


One of the previous updates, Update 0.7.0, brought a lot of cool stuff to the game, but one of its key features is the introduction of Distinctive Insignia.
Now is the time for you to show your creative side and come up with an original patch. We'll be happy to look at your works and include the most eye-catching ones in the game. Artists that come up with the best patches will receive great rewards in addition to public recognition.

The contest will be held on the official regional forums. You can read the details here: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/need-some-sinkin-patches/


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World of Warships [premium Shop] Aigle

Eagle—this is what the name of the brand-new Tier VI destroyer Aigle translates as from French.
Aigle is in no way a typical representative of her type. She has a solid HP pool, amazing firing range, short reload time, and long-lasting smoke screen for a destroyer. Besides this, her main battery caliber of 139 mm—quite high for a destroyer—lets this ship deal constant damage to virtually any enemy ship at medium and short distances.
You can find this and many other legendary ships in our in-game Premium Shop. Be sure to visit our official site to learn more about our special offers: https://worldofwarships.com/news/common/its-pronounced-egg-leh/.
You can purchase Aigle and its associated bundles until 23 March.
To victory!


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French battleships are almost here and it's time to tell you about their in-game specifications—their strengths, weaknesses, secrets, and combat tactics.
It's difficult to give a definite characteristic to the French battleships' branch, because the changes between Tiers III to V have more of an evolutionary nature—we see an increase in displacement, caliber, and the number of primary armament turrets. Tier VI battleship Normandie is quite unusual compared to the previous ships in the branch—it has fewer primary armament turrets, but more guns in each of them. Up to Tier VIII, the gameplay will seem fairly normal to all battleship enthusiasts, but then the availability of the Engine Boost consumable and an atypical number of guns, combined with decent secondary armament range, will incite players to create new tactical approaches and ways to cooperate with their team.
The branch's flagship—France—stands out from its counterparts, because it has only two primary armament turrets. However, their quick reload and the speed characteristics of the ship (it's the fastest one among all Tier X battleships) will allow you to look at your favorite ship type from a different perspective. Vive la France!


Tier III — Turenne

The first battleship in the French branch is a fairly typical dreadnought with all the advantages and shortcomings this ship type implies. You have 6 primary armament turrets with two 305-mm guns in each of them. With weapons like this you have good possibilities to push through a flank, while the armor, which is 250 mm thick in some places, is capable...
World of Warships Update 0.7.1
A new Update is now live! Take a look at the highlights to learn more about what's new. Check the game's official website for a full list of changes: https://worldofwarships.com/news/common/update-071/.


Marseille Port

Take a vacation to the south of France with Marseille, our second French Port! It's drastically different from Dunkirk, and we used photos from 1936-1940s to recreate Marseille in detail, with the water void of military activity, focusing instead on the relaxing atmosphere associated with the French Riviera. Use the new camera features from Update 0.7.0 to take a tour!


French Battleships and the "Vive la France" Collection

All players access a dedicated temporary collection called "Vive la France" before the release of the new French battleship tech tree.


A New Unique Commander

Complete the new collection to test the battle skills of new Commander Jean-Jacques Honoré. This battle-hardened veteran features enhanced "Expert Marksman" and "Adrenaline Rush" Skills, 10 undistributed Skill points, and training for the tier I cruiser Bougainville.


Thanks to your feedback, we reworked two maps that often left you asking questions: "Trap" for tier VIII-X ships and "Tears of the Desert" for tier IX-X ships. These maps now encourage more dynamic gameplay, with improved balance between ship types. "Tears of the Desert" is noticeably more comfortable for cruisers. Its reduced dimensions make it possible to correct mistakes more...


Time to prepare for fierce naval clashes in the forthcoming new season of Clan Battles called "Islands of Ice"!
The Season kicks off on February 10 and will last for two months until April 9.
Clan Battles will be available every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Prime Time (UTC):

SEA: 12:00 - 15:00
EU: 17:30 - 21:30
RU: 15:30 - 19:30
NA: 00:30 - 04:30

As you remember, there are four main Leagues, each divided into three Groups, in the Clan Rating system:
  • The starting—Squall—League;
  • Gale League;
  • Storm League;
  • Typhoon League.
Specially for the battle-hardened sea wolves we're adding a new league this season: the Hurricane League. The Hurricane League does not contain any interim groups and there are no limits to boosting your Clan's Rating. To get into the League, your Clan must fight through a series of five Progression Battles and win at least three of them. Alternatively, if your Clan loses all their points, they must win three out of five Relegation Battles to keep from getting kicked out of the Hurricane League.

To find out more about the Rules of the new season of Clan Battles, available Rewards, and more, visit our official website[worldofwarships.com].
Join forces and fight for victory!

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