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PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Survival Title Season 3 Ends Soon!
Welcome back survivors,

Survival Title Season 3, the Title Season that began in March, will end soon! Read on for more information on the Season 3 end date, Title System, rewards and distribution schedule.

Survival Title Season 3 End Date

Survival Title Season 3 ends on June 18, 2019 PDT in accordance with the start of live server maintenance. Earn rewards before Season 3 ends!

Survival Title Season 3 Rewards Distribution Criteria and Schedule

You will receive rewards based on the highest Title achieved during the season regardless of Mode or Perspective (FPP/TPP). Season 3 rewards will be distributed to players who have achieved higher than a Novice Title and will be distributed after live server maintenance on June 25 ends (PDT). You can check out acquired reward items in your in-game inventory or in the pop-up window when logging in.

Reward Distribution Schedule per Survival Title Rank

You will earn coupons and rewards based on the highest Title and Rank you achieved during the season. You can claim the rewards by clicking Title Rewards in the left bottom from Season - Overview tab in the game, then clicking Claim All by June 25, 2019 before the live server maintenance. You won't be able to receive them after the end of the claim period, so be sure to obtain all the coupons you've acquired within the season period!

Rewards per Survival Title
The Survival Title Season is an opportunity for players to earn cool rewards for their hard fought battles over time. By climbing through the ranks and upgrading your title, you can earn a themed item set as you progress through the title tiers. The items you will have earned throughout the season will be distributed at the close of Survival Title Season's end.

The rewards are issued based on your last achieved Title - regardless of your end rank.

Policies regarding Survival Title Season 3 Reward Distribution

Season 3 rewards will be distributed to those who have achieved higher than a Novice Title according to the achieved survival titles.
  • Rewards will be distributed sequentially and should all be distributed within one day.
    • If you haven't received the reward after the announced date, please contact Customer Service.[pubg.com]
    • Any players who are found to have obtained a Survival Title by violating operational policies may be subject to account restriction and/or removal of seasonal rewards.


Q. When will the Season 3 end?
A. Survival Title Season 3 ends on June 18, 2019 PDT in accordance with the start of live server maintenance.

Q. When can I receive rewards?
A. The rewards for Survival Title Season 3 will appear in your inventory sequentially after the live server maintenance completes on June 25, 2019 PDT.

Q. What should I do if I don't receive rewards a day after distribution completes?
A. If you haven't received rewards one day after distribution, please contact customer service.

Squad Update Alpha 14 Patch Notes
Hey squaddies,

Bet you didn’t expect to see Alpha 14 so soon! We’ve been working hard to get patches out more quickly and the results are paying off. Speaking off, let’s check out the latest bounty of changes:




The ragdoll system has been updated to improve the overall look when a soldier goes into the ragdoll state, such as when incapacitated or run over by a vehicle. Soldiers getting hit by vehicles should look more realistic, and there should be less twitching of corpses in most cases. However, as this is still a work in progress, there may still be an occasional visual glitch.


This upgrade introduces a variety of hotfixes implemented to the version implemented in Alpha 13. A full list of engine fixes can be found here.



This new game mode has two teams facing off to capture contiguous hex tiles across a map and will continue to evolve through the next few versions of Squad. Territory Control consists of a grid of hexagonal regions, which function like capture zones, anchored by a “key territory” hex for each team as the base of their grid. If a group of hexes is disconnected from this key territory, or the territory itself is contested, a team will need to recapture it before claiming any new territories. The status of a hex is hidden by the fog of war until a team controls an adjacent hex, cloaking enemy movements until conflict erupts.

This new game mode is in the early stages of development and will be evolving through the next few versions.

A few key rules for gameplay:

  • A neutral hex requires one player to capture. A contested hex must be neutralized and captured by at least three players.
  • An enemy hex takes 40 seconds to neutralized and a neutral hex takes 40 seconds to capture.
  • Capturing a hex unlocks all adjacent (bordering) hex zones for capture.
  • Bleed: For every two hex zones captured beyond owning 60% of all hexes, the enemy will start bleeding 1 ticket per minute with a maximum of 5 tickets per minute for 10+ hexes captured beyond 60%.
  • When a team captures 95% of all hexes, that team instantly wins.
  • Losing all tickets will cause a team to lose the round.

  • Defenders will win with a time-out even if they have fewer tickets than the Attackers. For the Attackers to win, they will need to either completely drain the Defenders tickets or fully capture all flags in the map.
  • Tweaked starting tickets: 150 for attackers and 600/700/800 for defenders on corresponding 4/5/6 flag layouts


The M3 MAAWS (or Multi-Role Anti-Armor Anti-Personnel Weapon System) is the American adoption of the 84mm Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle developed in Sweden shortly after World War 2. The M3 can fire a variety of different ammunition, making it a very diverse weapon system. The optic mounted on the...