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Squad Update 17.2 Hotfix Released
Hey, squaddies! We’ve got some quick fixes for you! The highlights are:
  • Fixed a bug where the button was not displayed after calling in Commander UAV.
  • Attempted fix for a server crash that sometimes happened when respawning on Insurgency game mode as a Squad leader.
  • Fixed CAF squad leaders not being able to call in airstrikes.
  • Fixed CAF fireteam leaders not having a radial menu.
  • Fixed a smoke grenade performance issue.
  • Attempted fix for a client crash that could sometimes happen to commanders mid-game.
  • Improved the view from the UAV to have less dancing lines caused by Z-fighting.
  • Fixed a bug where upon flying the handheld drone far away and back again, you would lose all your weapons until you respawn.
This should restore the necessary updates to the Canadian Armed Forces, making them fully ready to roll again! Speaking of, they’ve also received a variety of updates, including a brand new vehicle. This release marks the start of continued efforts to crush bugs, see them driven before us, and hear the lamentations of their Jira tickets. Plus content improvements. =)
  • Added TAPV Vehicle. It’s a Light Fast vehicle with great off-road capability and high ground clearance. Armed with CROWS M2 HMG.
  • Added helicopters to the following CAF layers: Manic Gorodok Yehorivka Nanisivik. The CAF are using UH60’s on loan from the USA for the time being.
  • Added CAF Pilot kit role.
  • Added CAF Rifleman 01 kit role with C8A3 w/ EoTech (1 role per squad, unlocked at 6).
  • Added CAF Rifleman 02 kit role with C8A3 w/ C79A2 (1 role per squad, unlocked at 6).
  • Reduced Nanisivik to 2 map layers: Invasion v1 and RAAS v1.
  • Reduced the frequency of LUV-A1 Light Transport on most map layers (mostly replaced by the TAPV). This small unarmed logistics vehicle will still retained in a limited capacity on some Invasion layers.
  • Removed ammo rack from LAV6.
  • Updated Manic-5, adding detailing to the middle POIs.
  • Updated Manic-5 with “soft” map boundary for use with helicopters.
  • Updated CAF Map Layer naming to a consistent standard: “CAF_mapname_gamemode_version” (version number is relative to CAF only).
  • Adjusted minimum arming distance for CAF HAT (in-line with US HAT.)
  • Adjusted CAF Sniper removed frag grenade.
  • Adjusted CAF Combat Engineer kit role to be limited to 1 max /squad (2 max /team still).
  • Adjusted CAF LAT kit role to have x1 M72 instead of x2.
  • All CAF kits get minimum 2 smokes, Medics & SL get 4.
  • Updated CAF SL kits: choice between 3 kits: C8 with EeTech, C8 w/ C79A2, C7A2 w/ C79A2.
  • Added a AF SL variant character model now has a beret.
  • Adjusted Automatic Rifleman (with C9 + C79A2) to now be part of the fire support kits...
Squad Update Beta 17 Released
Welcome to duty, Commander. Your assets are online and ready for deployment. That’s right, squaddies: the ultimate leadership role has landed in Squad. From devastating artillery to UAV overwatch, the Commander is well equipped to lead your team to victory. Assuming they’re up for the challenge. We've also got a little note on the design changes directly from Fuzzhead!
We’re introducing a new leadership role that is focused on planning, keeping the team on task, and bringing just the right amount of reinforcement. The intent for this role is to keep intel flowing between the various Squads, and, in ideal circumstances, Commanders can create a dynamic plan for the entire team to follow. We envision that this role can be played in a variety of styles, we have intentionally kept the options open for players to experiment with. For example:
  • A Commander can keep their squad size very small to primarily focus on keeping the rest of the team in the loop on enemy intel markings, planning new FOB build locations, coordinating air assault drop points, using the UAV to mark and scout enemy locations, as well as providing devastating fire support through artillery and airstrikes.
  • The Commander role could be used by a Squad Leader that still has a full squad fighting in offensive or defensive situations. This “frontlines” Commander would still be able to help augment the team through the use of his Commander actions and keeping each squad on task, but with a more direct engagement in the battle.
  • Another way to utilize the Commander role could be used by a Squad Leader focused on Logistics and building rear defensive locations with a strong emphasis on intel gathering and reconnaissance.
For the unconventional factions of the Militia and Insurgents, the Commander role has access to a large size mortar attack as well as a handheld remote-controlled drone. This small handheld drone is very maneuverable and can fit into tight spaces, though it is limited by a maximum altitude and has a 10-minute battery life. Plenty of time to gather intel or deliver a special surprise for to the enemy.
Commander Details
  • Commander role is filled via a volunteer and voting process. In order to participate in a vote for CO, the player must be a Squad Leader in a squad with at least 1 squad member. A vote cannot be initiated until there are at least three squads that exist.
  • Commander costs the team -5 tickets for each death — Be sure to stay out of the line of fire!...