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Announcement Project Reality Server Rules

Discussion in 'SSG: Project Reality Server Rules' started by SSG Bot, May 16, 2017.

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    1. Communication & Teamwork:
    • All players must use a microphone and must have mumble properly configured to play on this server.
    • All players must join a squad.
    • English is the standard language.
    • Spamming is forbidden in mumble, global or local chat.
    • All players and squads must work together in an organized manner to achieve victory.

    2. Squads:

    • Squads are not be created before the 2:00 minutes for any early squad kicked or banned from server.
    • Duplicate squads are not allowed
    • Free kits squads are not allowed. All squads and squad leaders should work together for the mutual benefit of the team.
    • Always ask your squad leader for what kit required.
    • Don't take someone else's kit without squad leader permission.
    • All players must follow the chain of command. Squad members must comply to the orders of their squad leaders and squad leaders must follow the orders of the commander.
    • Locking infantry squads with less than 6 players is not allowed.
    • Recon and Sniper squads are not allowed. Anyone lone-wolfing with a sniper kit will be kicked.

    3. Assets and Claiming:

    Heavy assets can only be used if there are more than 40 players in the server unless stated otherwise by an admin. The heavy asset list includes:

    • Tanks
    • Scorpion
    • APCs
    • BMPs
    • CAS
    • Transport
    • SPG
    • Rocket technical
    • Bomb Trucks & Trucks.
    • Mortars.
    Following are the recommended names for squads that claim heavy assets.

    a. TANKS:

    • For any kind of TANKs, Scorpion. This does not include BMPs, APCs, IFVs or SPGs.

    b. CAS:

    • For any kind of fixed or rotor winged Close Air Support vehicles. CAS squad can also claim any kind of AAVs. If there is no CAS, then AAV can be claimed as light vehicle.

    c. MORTARs:

    • For mortars. Mortar squads cannot be locked with less than 5 players.

    d. APCs:

    • For any kind of BMPs, APCs, LAVs, AAVP and IFVs.
    • Mech Inf: One(1) APC.

    e. SPG :

    • For SPG technical & Rocket technical.

    • Transportation helicopters and transportation planes.
    • Light vehicles, AA's and any other vehicles can not be claimed.
    • Do not create duplicated squads, unless allowed by original squad.
    • The first squad with the claim will always get the assets.
    • There is no limit for the number squads created for an asset. However they should be greater than the need for squads for the particular asset.
    • All assets must be crewed by competent personnel.
    • Vehicles must crewed by the least required amount to use it. Soloing vehicles that require more than one crew-member is not allowed. If the vehicle loses a crew member, then it is allowed to solo it back to main.
    • 50 cal technicals, logistic vehicles, scout cars, transport/ammo trucks, light transport vehicles are not claimable, they can be taken by the first player who enters them. However taking the vehicles without the permission of the owner is not allowed and will be considered cheating.
    4. Mechanised infantry:
    • Only one(1) mechiniced infantry squad allowed per team.
    • Asset can be claimed once squad has six(6) members.
    • Mech inf can only claim an armored vechicle and it's respawns.
    • Claimed armored vehicle must be capable of carrying personel.
    • If mech inf squad is created before APC squad, then mech inf squad can chose what armored vehicle they claim.
    • If APC squad is created before mech inf squad, then APC squad must reserve one armored vehicle for mech inf squad.
    • Claimed vehicle can only be changed if both the mech inf squad leader and APC squad leader agree on it.

    5. Forbidden Tactics:

    • Suicide tactics are strictly forbidden except for suicide vehicles.
    • Intentional road killing is not allowed. This means to run over enemies.
    • Capping the first capable flag of the enemy team is not allowed till 10 minutes in game; unless it is considered active in the AAS order or you can spawn in it.
    • C4 is allowed to use anywhere except from a moving vehicle.
    • Attacking last flag on seeding maps is forbidden.
    • Destroying caches before 20vs20 is not allowed unless allowed by an admin.
    • Team killing is forbidden. Always apologize for accidents.

    6. Cheats and Glitches:

    • Cheating or glitching is forbidden. If found doing so, you will be removed until further investigation.
    • Discussing cheats or glitches is also not allowed.

    7. Behavior:

    • You must follow the orders of the admin team.
    • All SSG members(including admins) must follow the rules and follow the orders of senior admins or members.
    • Insulting any player is forbidden.
    • Racism is strictly forbidden.
    • Do not debate admin decisions in game. If you disagree with any decision, then come to the appropriate forums in our website.
    • Do not supply any kind of information about your team to the other team
    • Sabotaging your team is forbidden.
    • Advertising or recruiting members for other communities or clan on our server is forbidden.
    • Inform any of the admins if your wish to stream on our server.
    • Inappropriate names or squad names are not allowed. These include any kind of offensive, insulting or derogatory names.
    • Impersonation of anyone especially admins and SSG members is not allowed.

    8. Main Base:

    • Base raping is strictly forbidden. Main-bases and repair stations cannot be attacked. This includes camping DoD and the choke points leading out of it. The only exception to this rule is when and only as long as such a base is an active flag in the AAS game mode.
    • It is forbidden to engage enemy air assets if they are landing or taking off from their main base.
    • All players are expected to leave their main-base as quickly as is reasonable. Any disruptive behavior (shooting, throwing smoke grenades, etc.) in main will result in the player's removal from the server.
    • Nothing can be built inside your teams Dome of Death.
    • You are not allowed to engage enemy when you are inside the Dome of Death

    9. Gameplay:

    • Teamswitching is allowed. However if both sides have equal players and a teamswitch is requested it is upon the admin's judgment to allow the switch or not.
    • Disruptive behavior and gameplay is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to trolling, cheating, hacking, glitching, jumping in front of vehicles, firing from main, attacking main, wasting assets or firing in main, unbalancing team is not allowed.
    • Destroying enemy air assets while they are taking off is not allowed.
    • No assets(such as FOB or TOWs) may be built in the main
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